Manisto of "Women for European Citizenship"

MANIFESTO of 'Women for European Citizenship'

Because we're women in a Europe which doesn't actually yet exist in everyone's mind;
Because a right which exists but for which we have not actually had to fight for is, for too many of us, a trivial luxury;
Because we mustn't begin by resigning or abandoning before even having undertaken to go ahead;
Because citizenship is as much an accomplishment as a promise;
Because Europe's calm obviousness mustn't render invisible those who die trying to reach our shores and to obtain our rights;
Because we want to share our differences to reinforce our intention to make Europe a new and effective idea;
So that Europe isn't left either to the egocentricity of personal interests nor to the absurdity of financial derivatives;
So that the desire to live together and to share destinies are not just words;
In order to lay the foundations of a world that future generations will continue to build on and where it will be
possible and desirable to live;
So that this Europe be ours because we have chosen it and not because of a random geographical situation;
So that she can reveal the humanity that we know she is capable of;
We declare ourselves 'Women for European Citizenship'



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